Latest Tea


We Told You Not To Try It

(Episode 240)

On this episode we clock the tea on being a caretaker, the medical industrial complex, the actor's worst nightmare, everyone trying it, the appreciation/appropriate line, we're your problematic faves(?), Lil D*val, our meet up and much, much more.


Tea and Greet

(Episode 239)

On this episode we have a few quick announcements. We have merch available just in time for our first official meet up. We received a wonderful listener letter. Bianca Del Rio told a bad, bad joke. Reggie ate nasty stuff in China. Hey Boo of the week Sports Segment and much, much more.


Patreon Preview - Hella Insecure S1 & S2

The whole gang is here (Oh, wait, if you aren't a Patreon subscriber, the gang is new to you) Nic, Reggie and Jaxx @jaxxdynamite, to give you a free preview of what we do every week over on the Patreon page when HBO's Insecure is on the televison. Catch up with us before Season 3 airs tonight.


Lebron James' Computer School Pose Wig Cap!!!

(Episode 238)

On this episode we clock the tea on Party Rap, our newly designed website, The Kings of Comedy, and then we go into a full spoiler recap of episodes 7 and 8 of FX's Pose, A Chorus Line, Hey Boo of the Week Sports Segment, Meanwhile on Instagram and much, much more. 


The Sixth Fold

(Episode 237)

On this episode we clock the tea on Vogue, ANTM, Erykah, rough times, hiatus, new website, The Handmaid's Tale, Chicago (the musical), dream roles, Beytwins, Qai Qai, good meals, YouTube, Pose, the Hey Boo of the Week (not sports) Segment, a jigab*o, and much, much more.


Big Gay Weekend

(Episode 236)

Nic and Reg clock the tea on The L Word TV shows, Queer As Folk, The Bold Type, antique shopping, R. K*lly, Mark Zuckerberg, biblical edits, Whoopi, Racistanne, Serena and them and much, much more.